The Wide Spectrum of Astro Medicine

         Unfortunately West is still behind East [India] when it comes to deeper issues relating to human life. All of the Western medical science is based upon trying to cure
the symptoms or suppressing the symptoms.  Just a few years back the Western researchers have started looking into the root causes of diseases but still they have
a long way to go. As we come closer to year 2007 we find that there is no cure for deadly diseases like TB, Cancer, AIDS, Brain Diseases, and numerous other diseases found in today's modern world. Everyday more and more people are sacrificed in the name of treatment by deadly antibiotic drugs and harmful therapies. Where as in the
East [India} majority of doctors are bit more honest and aware about human life. In India doctors will refer their patients to alternative therapies like Ayurveda for diseases
they know have no cure in the Western system of medicine..
     In the practice of Ayurveda medicine, it is very common for the doctor to ask the date and time of birth of their patients in order to know the basic constitution of that person. Even now an Astrologer is not considered learned unless and until he is familiar with" Medical Astrology". It is a widely practiced science in India. Astro Medicine is a branch of Astro Medicine. It deals with the medical aspect of astrology, that is, a Vedic horoscope is drawn by the Vedic Medical Astrologer, based on time, place, date, of the birth of the concerned person and then appropriate advice is given to cure the disease the person is suffering from. You will be surprised to know that Indian MD's keep a close touch with learned Astrologers and often consult them regarding their Patients because they know and understand within their hearts that Karma plays a very important role in the state of ones health.
      Karma is nothing but different projection's created by the unconscious mind based on one's thought patterns and can be negative/positive based upon the state of
consciousness one is at. These projection's are carried along in the next life and one is born to parents whose karmic records complement the soul taking the physical body through that parents. These Karmic records can only be erased by the grace of a Guru (a spiritually high person] or a person who has reached a very high state of consciousness or by prayers and mind control. On the other hand if one does not know how to have mind control or does not have good karma to find such a Guru one can take the help of Astro Medicine to control and eradicate one's physical problems.
      Lets look at Astro Medicine from a logical perspective: If you look at the statistics for major health problems suffered by the mankind, you can observe that Men suffer mostly from a set of diseases and on the other hand women suffer from a different set of diseases and then there are common diseases suffered by both men and women.  Diseases which are: Asthma, Skin diseases, Allergies, Headaches, Vision problems, Respiratory problems, Hearing problems, Stomach disorders, sexual problems, Obesity etc. Diseases common among Men are :Heart Problems Most common among Men), Brain Diseases, Liver Problem sand problems relating to sexual organs and at times Brain Cancer or Tumor. Diseases common among Women are: Cancer is common among women, especially Breast Cancer, thyroid mal function,&problems related to reproductive system. Here is another secret which the ancients knew but the modern science has no idea about it.
       A child is born, reaches puberty and until he/she has her/his first sexual inter course the diseases one suffers are mostly common and curable or they are born with Karmic diseases birth defects) out of which 90% are incurable unless and until one knows how to access karmic records and rectify them. But after the first intercourse one has with the opposite sex one has entered a new energy field which could prove deadly to each other or extremely favorable, that is one reason that in India horoscopes are matched before the parents get their children married and sex is forbidden for both boys and girls before marriage. Ancients knew the secrets of bio energy. I will go straight to common cures found within Astro Medicine for various diseases. Before I do that let me warn you that because of the laws in the CANADA, I am not suggesting to you or claiming that you will be cured by following this system neither I am suggesting you that Medical doctors are good for nothing and one should always look for alternate system of medicines, Astro Medicine is one such alternate system of medicine. Follow your heart, make your own decisions and have faith in one system, try Astro Medicine. Unless and until you have given time to one therapy, you have not been fair .Believe in miracles but do not keep expectations or they would end in frustrations.
           Problems relating to the Brain, Headache, Anger, Depression, Sleep problems, Emotional imbalances are caused by the bad placement of the Moon in ones birth chart or by a unfavorable transit expecting one's Moon at birth and can be cured by wearing a Natural Pearl, which should bathe size of a pea on the little finger of right hand for Men and left for women. The Pearl should be set in a silver setting and should touch the skin from under the base. Any Indian Jeweler knows if you tell him that it is for astrological purposes. Skin Problems, Sexual problems, low sperm count in men or lack of sexual drive in men are caused by the bad placement of the Venus in one's birth chart or by a unfavorable transit inspecting ones Venus at birth and it can be cured by wearing Diamond of half carat or more on the ring finger of right hand for men and left in case of women, the Diamond is to be set in White Gold or Platinum. Obesity, lack of sexual drive in women, reproduction problems in women is caused by the planet Jupiter being placed in one's Ascendant or inspecting ones ascendant at birth or in the Desha (Time) period of planet Jupiter, along with a badly placed or inspected Mars, It can be cont rolled by wearing a Yellow Sapphire along with Red Coral but in this case the Astrologer must be consulted so that he can prescribe the weight of the stone, the metal it has to be worn in and also the particular fingers .
         Parents who have kids who are sexually over active, have no interest in studies, get poor grades at school can make their kids wear Green Emerald the size of a red bean in gold on he little finger of right hand in case of boys and left in case of girls, but make sure that the stone should touch the skin from undercharging, it can also be worn in the form of a pendant in case one does not want to wear a ring. You will be amazed at the performance of your kid at school and he/she will not be obsessed by sex any more. These are some of the cures one can follow with consulting an astrologer as the above gems are not harmful. Astro Medicine is one science which is still hidden to the western world and very few practitioners of Astro Medicine really know about the inner secrets of it. If proper research is done on this sacred science of Astro Medicine in just 50 years we can have a humanity who is not only in perfect health but is spiritually a step closer to enlightenment, such is the potential of Astro Medicine. I can write pages and pages about Astro Medicine, still they would be less. If any further information is needed, please feel free to contact me, regarding Astro Medicine